...expand your VISIONS, apply your DREAMS, and make your WISHES come true.

There is a larger clock than the one we use in our daily life. It gives you the exact TIMING as you pass through this lifetime. You must learn to read that bigger clock in order to understand the lessons you must master at any given time. Many try to make things happen before it is time or when it is too late to accomplish essential undertakings. Knowing precisely when the time is right as shown by Alvina opens a magical world that will surely and simply amaze you.

Time waits for NO ONE, so now is the time to read this engrossing book. Hop on this opportunity that provides for success, health, and well-being. Apply all this to your career, your health, wealth, family, friends, boss, and even those you cannot understand or cannot get along with. Once you know their clock, you will be able to understand them. Use the tables included to climb to the pinnacle of what you can accomplish.